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LIKES: Jackie, my friends,  my dogs, pasta, coffee (espresso), teaching scuba diving, Reiki, writing, photography, computers, programming, martial arts, Harleys, helping people, having fun, target pistols, my firearms range, my staff.

DISLIKES: Cruelty to animals, arrogance, dishonesty, selfishness, corruption, computer viruses, whingers, poverty, overcooked pasta, instant coffee, poor visibility--underwater that is.


stress management

Stress Management

Links for fun: 
My photography | Writing | Scuba Instruction 

Links for work (which is also fun) Workplace Training | Pistol Instruction | Self-defence training | Security Dog Training

Links to my favourite project: Project Destress | Thereisaway | Chant for world peace | Vision Board

My favourite website: Wildlife Direct

Risk Management


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